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Why are At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Tests So Hard to Find?

At-home rapid COVID-19 testing is wildly in-demand. Pharmacies are selling out almost as soon as they restock due to high demand.  



The opportunity to take testing into one’s own hands is a welcome shift in pandemic protocols, and it is no secret why at-home rapid COVID-19 tests are so popular. Demand increased substantially around the end of 2021 with the rise of the Omicron variant, and the rush to confirm a negative test before holiday travel plans.   


While these tests are convenient and offer nearly instant peace of mind, there is one big problem – these rapid COVID-19 tests are difficult, if not impossible, to track down. 



In this article, we detail the top reasons why consumers and businesses gravitate towards at-home rapid testing, how this new testing option is changing how consumers empower themselves against the virus, and why at-home testing will continue to be a popular option globally. 



Keep reading to learn: 


  • The top 5 reasons why at-home rapid COVID-19 tests are so popular. 
  • Why convenience and ease of use are just as important to consumers as testing accuracy. 
  • How PCR-quality testing technology has empowered consumers to take testing into their own hands. 

Nearly everyone is trying to get their hands on accurate, at-home COVID-19 tests. Keep reading to learn the most common reasons why rapid at-home COVID tests are in such high demand, and why you might be struggling to find these tests in your area.  



5 Reasons Why At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Tests are in High Demand 


Quick Results 


Rapid, at-home tests for COVID-19 usually deliver quick results. Within 30 minutes or so, most tests will give you a positive or negative result. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on the test you are taking to ensure the accuracy of your results.  


With quick results, businesses and consumers can make decisions about their health and safety without waiting hours, or even days, for the results from a lab. The speed of the results is especially important when taking a test before traveling or interacting with those in high-risk groups. 




Most at-home COVID-19 tests have straightforward instructions and are easy to use. Typically, rapid tests use nasal swabs to determine the presence of COVID-19. The tests are not painful but may cause a “tickle” or some mild discomfort when the swab is inserted into the nostril. 


Even children as young as two can take the test with the assistance of an adult. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure the most accurate results. If you are unsure of your next steps at any point before or after the test, there should be a customer support number you can call for further instructions on how to interpret or read your results.  





If you ask anyone, most will say they prefer the convenience of an at-home test over going to a clinic or other care setting. It is a lot easier to test when you are in the privacy of your own home rather than in a clinical environment.  


Consumers are increasingly turning to online shopping, instant access to information, and other benefits of technology. On-demand testing fits in with what consumers expect today and how they prefer to get things done. 



Minimizes Exposure 


Heading to a clinic for a COVID-19 test requires dozens of steps and precautions. You must travel to the clinic, ensure you have a mask, distance from others in the waiting room, and ultimately hope that venturing out to get a test won’t infect others or cause your symptoms to worsen.  


On the way to the clinic, you may stop to get gas or run a quick errand, and potentially expose yourself and others to COVID-19. You can minimize and reduce this risk entirely by ordering or obtaining rapid, at-home molecular tests for COVID-19. 



Accurate Results 


Compared to one of the best performing PCR tests in clinical settings and labs, Lucira Check It achieves 98% accurate results. Our specialized testing method amplifies the virus’s genetic material, just like in PCR lab tests. This amplification method makes for a highly sensitive test and results you can trust. 


Learn more about the science behind our COVID-19 at-home rapid tests by visiting our Science Page. 



Need At-Home Rapid COVID-19 Tests? 


If you have searched everywhere for rapid, at-home COVID tests to no avail, we can help.  


Lucira Check It is a revolutionary, molecular at-home rapid COVID-19 test. In just 30 minutes after a simple nasal swab, you can know for sure whether you have the virus, even if you don’t currently have any symptoms. Our tests are compared to one of the most sensitive FDA-authorizes tests available, with a 98% accuracy rate. 


We sell individual test kits for personal use, as well as bulk orders for healthcare providers. Place your order now! 


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