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Lucira Health Announces National Launch of Lucira Connect Test-to-Treat Service



  • Digital health service offers Lucira lab-quality at-home test users a telehealth visit at no additional cost, enabling Test-to-Treatment within hoursfor only $29, excluding prescription costs
  • Lucira partners with Pfizer to increase awareness of the high risk factors for severe COVID-19 and treatment options through the Lucira Connect platform

Emeryville, Calif., (November 17, 2022) — Lucira Health, Inc. (“Lucira Health” or “Lucira”) (Nasdaq: LHDX) today announced the launch of Lucira Connect, a new virtual care program that allows Lucira test users the ability to test, learn about treatment options, access a telehealth consultation, and if appropriate, receive a prescription all from home for only the $29 price of the test, excluding prescription costs.

Lucira Connect is a user-friendly web-based platform at www.luciraconnect.com available nationwide and begins with self-administration of Lucira’s simple at-home molecular COVID-19 test. 98% accurate results are delivered in less than 30 minutes and users can capture their test results via their smartphone. If the test result is positive for COVID-19, users will have the option to access a virtual telehealth consultation to discuss their risk factors and appropriate treatment options with an independent medical professional.

Lucira is also partnering with Pfizer Inc. to increase awareness and education about the risks of COVID-19 and the availability of treatment options. Pfizer is providing educational and risk assessment resources to be available on Lucira Connect to help test users understand their risk of progression to severe COVID-19.

“Rapid care from diagnosis to treatment is essential for managing you and your family’s health and for reducing the spread of COVID-19,” said Erik Engelson, President and CEO of Lucira Health. “Since our inception, we have been driven to revolutionize the testing industry by offering accurate and accessible healthcare from the comfort and safety of your home. The Lucira Connect program is one of the fastest and simplest ways to learn if you have COVID-19, understand what you can do about it, and to access appropriate treatment if prescribed by a medical professional. Through these partnerships, we aim to help simplify the way people access reliable information about their health and navigate COVID-19 infections to improve outcomes.” 

About Lucira Health

Lucira is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative infectious disease tests to make lab-quality diagnostics more accessible. Lucira designed its test platform to provide accurate, reliable, PCR-quality test results anywhere and at any time. Beyond its already commercialized molecular COVID-19 and COVID-19 & Flu Tests, Lucira is working on new diagnostic tests for respiratory infections and other categories including women’s health and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). For more information, visit www.lucirahealth.com.


Forward Looking Statements

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Lucira Connect – Fast, FREE Covid Care From Home

Lucira is the 98% accurate, lab-quality at-home test you can rely on to tell you if you have Covid. Now with Lucira Connect, get one-touch access to a FREE telehealth session to assess care and treatment options without the need of visiting a doctor’s office.

Lucira Connect – All You Need For Covid Care From Home

The Lucira Covid-19 Test provides 98% accurate, lab-quality results in 30 minutes or less. Now with Lucira Connect, you also get FREE telehealth with a doctor to assess your Covid care options and get prescribed treatment, all from the comfort of home.

Lucira Connect – A Faster, FREE Way to Covid Care

Timing is everything when it comes to getting Covid treatment. The sooner you can get antivirals, the more effective they can be. Lucira Connect is the faster, FREE way to get the care you need: 98% accurate testing, one-touch access to FREE telehealth, and same-day prescribed medications – all from the comfort of home.

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Lucira Health

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