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Lucira Partnered with the RTCA Awards to Provide On-Site Testing

  • The Radio-Television Correspondents’ Association was founded in 1939 and consists of broadcast journalists who report on the United States Congress. Membership includes both radio and television broadcasters from around the world.  The RTCA primarily exists to protect the rights and privileges of news reporters assigned to report on United States Congress and assist members with maintaining high standards of reporting. 
  • On March 16, 2022, the RTCA hosted their annual dinner at The Anthem in Washington, D.C. Host Rachel Feinstein from Comedy Central and Last Comic Standing recognized award winners from both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021, along with other prominent keynote speakers. The event was followed by an afterparty hosted by DJ Kopec, celebrity DJ of the Baltimore Ravens. As part of an exciting return to in-person events, the RTCA enlisted the help of Lucira as their official health sponsor to exclusively provide on-site COVID-19 testing for RTCA dinner and award show participants. 
  • “We chose Lucira because we needed to get on-site testing and testing in advance of this event. We have VIPs, members of Congress, members of the press; the last thing we want is any kind of COVID-19 exposure or spread here at this event.”

  • – Noah Gray, Chair, RTCA Executive Committee
  • Keep reading to learn how Lucira’s played a pivotal role in the health and safety of this event and why testing access is crucial as pandemic protocols move into a new phase. 
  • The New Normal: On-Site Testing

  • Without the easy and accurate on-site and at-home testing from Lucira, this event would not have been possible. 
  • Now that the pandemic is starting to shift, many organizations are turning their focus away from mask-wearing and social distancing protocols to at-home or on-site testing. At the current stage of the pandemic, testing when and where possible to prevent exposure and stop potential spreads is allowing organizations of all sizes to return to in-person events with as much normalcy as possible. Lucira is proud to be at the forefront of offering PCR-quality, at-home testing that is 98% effective in detecting COVID-19. Our test accuracy and reliability give event promoters and attendees the freedom to enjoy events safely and with peace of mind. 
  • “The ease, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity that an at-home molecular test provides exceeds any other options that we had…Lucira provides a molecular test that is easy-to-use and incredibly accurate, so that people can come into an event and feel as safe as possible amid the setting of a pandemic.”

  • – Dr. James P. Phillips, COVID-19 RECoVERY Consulting 
  • We are so thrilled to have been a part of this event! Visit the RTCA’s website to learn more about their mission and purpose.
  • Lucira’s Role in the Pandemic

  • As a leader in at-home testing for both individuals and enterprises, we will continue to provide high-quality tests available for COVID-19. As unpredictable as the pandemic has been, one thing is for sure – Lucira is your go-to source for at-home, reliable, accurate COVID-19 testing. For everything from family get-togethers to large network gatherings, Lucira is here to help you maintain the health and safety of those who matter most. 
  • Partner with Lucira for Your Next Event

  • Give your attendees the peace of mind they deserve prior to your event by offering 98% accurate, PCR-quality at-home COVID-19 testing. Order Lucira tests for the accurate, accessible, and easy testing. Order COVID-19 Tests Now

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